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005 - Goodbye, July

Giving myself time to rest at the beginning of the month, so I can actually process what I've lived is the biggest lifehack I've always avoided.

I'm manifesting a life where rest is a prerequisite, rather than a luxury.

July was an incredibly hectic (read: Chaotic) month.

But if there's one thing it taught me it's the power of letting go and just being.

Life isn't meant to be lived ticking accomplishments off a checklist, and any form of stability gained from an external source is a fallacy.

Just because you have the idea doesn't mean you need to rush and do it all at once, plan till *you're* ready, don't wait for *it* to be ready.

Till then, add a single brick every-time you feel inspired to, and soon you'll look out and see your foundation is now a fortress, and even your doubts can't breach those walls.

Treat yourself so your never forget what it feels like.

Raise your standards even if you're the only one who cares to meet them.

Let yourself be free to change. Even if everything you've ever known has to go in the process.

Control is an illusion and there are no wrong turns in life-just alternative paths to your destination.

I was doing the absolute most in July and I regret nothing. I've learned to give my life space to surprise me.

Who I am is constantly changing and evolving so that may mean ideas that were “mine” may not even resonate now.

And that's okay. If it's your calling it will keep calling you. And ideas can change along with us, if we allow them to.

August swept in with a weighted blanket and a soft embrace to rest.

So I'm heeding that message and reckoning with time, my perception of it and my attachment to it's societal value.

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