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I am GoodEnuf

Nothing says Millenial/GenZ cusp more than some casual therapeutic oversharing on the internet 🥴

The one thing I’ve battled with about growth and healing is that it never really stops. Adulthood is essentially taking yourself apart, reanalysing and unlearning everything you were taught, while honouring the wisdom of those who lived before you.

I’ve been painfully self aware for longer than I've wanted to be (ignorance really is, bliss)...yet I'm still at the beginning of my journey. It’s hard but the only one who can "fix" you, is you.

But it’s time to end this karmic cycle.


So I've made some Colour Therapy-Chakra Boosting typography to remind me (or you) that you’re good enough simply by existing in your truth.

Not that this is saying anything new or revolutionary, but you don’t ‘need’ to be better than the next, prettier than the rest or the most qualified to pass the test. (Corniness: 1 Beth: 0)

All you can be is you. And that is enough.


I mentioned to my friend Z the other day about the theme for my quarantine growth period being my battle with feeling good enough. In the pursuit of greatness, good can seem like failure or settling. But I’ve come to realise really it’s the perfect state. Great is subjective, Bad is relative but good...somehow just is. Like an 18 degree day or french vanilla ice cream.

My internal motivation has been based on a loop of persistent perfectionism and “fuck it, who cares“ But I feel like I’ve begun to settle within my own loop of life, created by my wants, rather than fuelled by insecurity...something like the static balls in a Newton’s cradle.


When life has made you feel like you’re always the option and never the first choice, It gets heavy. When you have to be 2x better just to get to the starting line, it weighs on you. When you compare yourself to the likes and algorithms and explore pages full of the same faces, bodies and beauty it stays with you.

The reality is, there’s probably a book full of things wrong with me -but none of them make me less deserving of Love/ Honesty/Success nor define my personal view of myself.

I’ve learnt (the hard way) to let go of ideas, situations, people and goals that reinforce the feeling not being good enough. I was drawn to that energy cause I hadn’t felt anything else. I’ve learnt to accept the flaws I see in myself & others, and use analysis to understand why rather than to brand people or situations. It makes room for empathy for myself and others and creates space for a tolerant personal environment without so much anxiety surrounding being perfect.

I’ll always be weird, awkward, flat faced and selectively anti social but I’m (almost) 25 years deep in this shit so I might as well get used to it.

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