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What does it mean to be healed? Collective Reading

I think healing as a word is overused, in this age of mindfulness and toxic positivity, healing can seem like an island destination with its borders closed. While I have and still am on several healing journies, I am aware that fully healed isn't a destination, it's a state of being that requires consistent adjustment and conscious intention. This will look different for everyone. Although this is a timeless reading, it can resonate for a specific period of time in your life past present or future. So, please take this reading with a grain of salt, allow it to resonate where it fits and let the rest float away.

We start off with a 3 card tarot pull, representing the mind, body and spirit.

The Star came out representing the mind.

Healing the mind looks like embracing the unconventional, the individual thought process and the courage to go your own way. I see the mind as representing both the Ego and the Shadow, as both can rule our consciousness especially in times when we've been wounded. The star card tells me that healing the mind looks like having the birds-eye view of your experience and seeing the blessings you are creating as a result of that.

(This card shows the angel pouring water into a body of water, and onto a small plant beside them)

To heal the mind is to water that which is already abundant within us, as well as what we seek to grow. It is to create the best of both worlds you desire.

Next, I pulled the Ace of Pentacles for the body, I understand the body in this context to mean our physical body and outer world.

To heal our body is to create a foundation of security in self, acknowledging the gift of the present moment to find comfort and satisfaction in every moment, treasuring the resources you already have. To heal your world is to know your material needs are always provided for. It's healing your relationship with money and material items, divesting your view of money from society opinions or the attitudes of those who raised you. Whether you see money as a tool or energy or even a deity (s/o to those who watch American Gods) to be healed in the physical is to know your wealth cannot be measured by a number and your value cannot be quantified, or commodified.

Last for the tarot section is the 9 of cups, representing the Spirit.

To be healed in spirit is to experience life every day to the best of your ability. To know you alone are enough to be happy and everything else is a bonus and reflection of that happiness. Nothing external can give you what you don't give yourself. When you manifest from a place of fulfilment, your wildest dreams become a reality. I also see this as being content with the ways you experience life, it's not checking to see if the grass is greener because you're too busy watering your own garden. Notice the little things like hot running water for a shower, wifi/data to scroll social media or that one pair of nice shoes you wear on a special occasion...Find the luxury in your present, and you will never have to seek it.

I pulled No.18 and No.24 from the Gypsy witch deck, and I am reading this as why we are in our current healing journey. In a world where we are all forced to be in (often distorted) masculine energy, to be healed is to embrace the feminine and share that power with others, love is all around if you let it in. Let fortune find you giving. Reconcile with ease and nurture reciprocal companionship in all areas of your life.

From my Playstation playing cards, I pulled a Jack of Square and 8 of Circles.

(I have my own way of interpreting playing cards that are unique to this deck and its symbols, FYI)

From these cards, I understand why we go through healing in general.

The Jack of square highlights this immature tunnel vision we have when we 'think' we know best. and that growing pains are a part of life. Just because you've completed the lesson, doesn't mean you've passed the test.

Sometimes we wonder why we're stuck on a cycle we feel like we're beyond, and it's often because we haven't integrated the wisdom or muscle memory needed to exit this cycle for good. So we go on the ride again and again till we get sick of our own shit, sit down and are open to being taught and most importantly, ready to listen.

Humans are creatures of habit, too easily we end up stuck in our ways. Every action has a reaction and Karma is simply that reaction. When we aren't aware of the impact of our actions we can feel like we're being targeted by the universe when really it's a matter of so within, so without. Without seeing the external reflections of your actions, you wouldn't change. Often at this point, we get stuck mediating between the ego and the shadow and this is where the Square tension stops the circles' cycle in its tracks. It's pretty much the universe lighting a fire under your ass to get you to move. You may feel unprepared, but If you were ready, you wouldn't need this experience, but without it- you wouldn't be ready.

To close and provide advice for the healing journey, I pulled two Visionary I Ching oracle cards.

These were 16. Enthusiasm and 29. Dangerous Depths

The changing lines for the present were 2, 4 and 5 which are summarised below.

To be healed is to enjoy the moment fully, and also have the subconscious awareness to notice the subtle shifts in energy, the minor red flags that risk an unfavourable moment.

To be healed is to allow your transparency of self, and sincerity to attract those who are alike towards you, and in embodying this energy, inspire those who aren't aware of their dormant capabilities yet. It is to be comfortable sharing the burden of existence with others.

To be healed is to trust that if you feel blocked, you need not panic, rather trust that if you feel restricted, or lacking the ability to express ideas or put them into effect, this is for a reason, and forcing yourself will only make you more tired. Accept it as a moment for rest, and wait for higher guidance.

Lastly, the book description for card 29.

"Exposure to danger brings good fortune to those who move beyond it. Like boaters staying afloat through white-water rapids, those faced with serious challenges need to remain alert. They must take all precautions and, above all, keep going forward, so as to remove themselves from harm's way. Once the danger has passed, everything flows smoothly downstream.

The positive side of danger is that it offers an excellent chance to cleanse the senses and strengthen the spirit surviving a crisis can be tremendously reinvigorating, sharpening the eye and the mind for future challenges. It is reckless to court danger but critical for inner development to not shrink from it either. those who respond to dangerous conditions most effectively are those who can establish a bubble of calm in the midst of chaos. An emotionally stable centre keeps one rooted in the moment, alert and focused. Courage at times like these springs from focused attention and a brave willingness to penetrate the moment of peril to its very core, to reshape and transform it."

Thank you for reading and spending time with me, be blessed and hopefully I'll see you soon!

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